At the dawn of human history, mythical spirits known as the mannamong were born through Mother Nature’s powers in order to sustain the world’s natural order. Their existence coincide with humanity for centuries until their stories faded in legend. Now they are forever known as whimsical fairy tales used to entertain children of how the world came to be… At least, that was what Kali Teal believed. But she will soon come to learn that the mannamong are very real…

Comic page 1 - The intro story of the mannamong
Page 1
Comic page 2 - Night time thunderstorm, Vianne tries to ride through the mountains to get help for her daughter
Page 2
Comic Page 3 - The truck get stuck by rocks blocking the road way, Kali jumps out of the truck.
Page 3
Comic Page 4 - Vianne rushes to help her daughter
Page 4