Once again, not much to comment on this chapter’s storyboards that differ from the final draft since it’s beat by beat. However, I bet you’ve noticed the cutouts by this point from my previous storyboards that are more frequent in this chapter’s storyboards. This is because my old process of drafting storyboards was somewhat all over the place… I originally drew rough sketches of scenes I envisioned randomly on scrap paper. The kind that isn’t suitable for archival purposes in terms of the paper’s weight and being non-acid-free. Cheap copy paper. Also, there was print on the back, so they weren’t suitable for scanning without the back end bleeding through to mix with my sketches.

The thing is, they were never meant to be kept in the long run. They were scraps I had on me during school, work, or wherever I was that had a pen and paper lying around that I could quickly jot down my vision at the moment. Like with brainstorming ideas, they tend to be fleeting, and I wanted to ensure I caught the scene as I imagined it as soon as it came to me in its roughest state at the very least. I simply wanted to know the overall pose and camera angle of these scenes. And they would often be out of order.

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