Who are The Mannamong?

The mannamong are mythical spirits created by Mother Nature to guide and protect humanity. They were known as a legend throughout the world, something passed down through generations as a folklore tale. But they become real to one little girl in an unexpected way. Believing in the bedtime stories about the mannamong from her mother, Kali’s world is turned upside down when she learns one has been possessing her after running away from his prison. Kali struggles to convince her mother they are real.

The Setting

There are two realms, the mortal and spiritual…

Earth is fictitious, with its own setting different from ours. Kali’s hometown and culture are based on modern western life. Even her ethnicity and lineage are not based on real-life groups but inspired by Native American cultures.

The spiritual realm is where almost all the mannamong resides, hiding from the mortal realm, observing humanity from a distance in a separate dimension. Dreams are the only way for humans to interact there, momentarily in an astral form until they’re awakened. Only those with heightened spiritual awareness like Kali will remember the events witnessed with clarity and have control of their movements with that realm. Mannamong traverse between the two domains using gateways only they can open.

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THE MANNAMONG: Chapter 1 - The Girl Who Speaks To Spirits [Part 1]
This is the beginning chapter of The Mannamong series.

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The Mannamong - Volume 1 - Michael Adam Lengyel
PRINT BOOK Legends say the mannamong are spirits created by Mother Nature to guide and protect humanity. But one eight-year-old Kali Teal learns they are indeed real. From an unexplained illness to a mannamong appearing in her bedroom, Kali learns one mannamong has an alternative plan that turns her…